ISO 50001:2018 stands as the updated international standard for Energy Management, offering a robust framework to enhance energy efficiency across public and private sector organizations.

Certification in ISO 50001 EnMS reflects an organization’s dedication to continual improvement in energy management, setting a precedent within their industries and ensuring compliance with legislative and regulatory standards.

This certification also serves as a benchmark for compliance with the UK’s Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) legislation.

Our Energy Management training courses aim to:

  • Establish robust Energy Policies
  • Showcase Energy Efficiency
  • Demonstrate Carbon Reduction
  • Implement effective cost control measures
  • Ensure compliance with legal regulations
  • Foster a culture of change
  • Highlight corporate responsibility
  • Manage resources efficiently
  • Adhere to UK ESOS regulations

Delivered by qualified tutors with extensive experience, our range of EnMS training equips participants with the knowledge to understand, implement, maintain, and audit an Energy Management System effectively, utilizing practical insights and industry-leading tools.

As an accredited CQI and IRCA Approved Training Partner, our portfolio includes numerous CQI and IRCA certified courses.

Why Choose ISO 50001 Training?

Implementing or maintaining an energy management system through training can significantly reduce an organization’s energy costs and environmental footprint.

Recent statistics from the ISO Survey indicate a 9.7% increase in worldwide ISO 50001 certificates in 2020, underscoring the growing importance of UKAB accredited certification.

An ISO 50001 training course is beneficial for organizations aiming to optimize energy usage and manage associated costs efficiently, particularly those with substantial energy expenditure.

Organizations already certified to ISO 14001 possess a foundational framework for ISO 50001 compliance, and our Energy training courses assist in bridging knowledge gaps.

Different Learning Options

We offer e-Learning, virtual, public, and in-house training options to accommodate various learning preferences and requirements. Our courses cover the introduction and internal audit of ISO 50001 management systems, catering to both novice learners and certified Lead Auditors.

While most training sessions are currently virtual, we are gradually reintroducing face-to-face public courses for those preferring in-person interaction.

ISO 50001 Virtual Training

All our courses are conducted virtually, providing attendees the flexibility to participate from anywhere. Delivered by industry experts, these sessions offer interactive learning experiences via platforms like Zoom.

ISO 50001 In-House Training

For larger groups, we offer tailored in-house training at your premises, ensuring cost-effectiveness and customization to your organization’s needs.

Benefits of In-House training:

  • Cost-effective and efficient
  • Total flexibility
  • Relevant and practical
  • Team building
  • Personalized services

Consultancy Services

Upon completing our ISO 50001 course, consider our Associate Partner program for additional assistance in certification or system maintenance, accessing our network of experienced consultants.

Further Guidance and Resources

Explore our FAQ section for more insights into the ISO 50001:2018 EnMS Standard.

For inquiries about our courses, contact us at 0800 052 2424 (option 3) or email us at [email protected].

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Consult our Journey Guide to determine the most suitable ICB training course for you.

ISO 50001 Training Reviews

“The tutor’s delivery of the course was excellent, keeping us engaged throughout and focusing on areas of need.

The course exceeded our expectations, providing valuable insights into EnMS and technical information beyond the curriculum, tailored to add significant value.” – Intu Vetitas – CQI and IRCA ISO 50001 Lead Auditor Conversion Course

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