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Trusted Experts in Management Systems Assessment

International Certification Bureau (ICB) has been a leading provider of management systems assessment and ISO certification services globally since 2008. Our dedication goes beyond a simple checklist for certification. We aim to collaborate closely with our clients, aiding them in business development and realizing substantial commercial advantages from their management system investments.

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Comprehensive Certification Solutions

At International Certification Bureau (ICB), we leverage highly qualified auditors and internationally recognized expertise to offer a wide range of certification services. From public standards to customized schemes, we specialize in Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment certifications.

Tailored Certification Approach

ICB was founded by consultants and auditors with the mission of delivering the most beneficial and efficient ISO certification services. Our goal is to provide certification that not only meets standards but also delivers tangible benefits to our clients. We offer a cost-effective and flexible approach tailored to the unique needs and knowledge of each client.

Transparent Fee Structure

Unlike many others, we don’t charge based on turnover or the number of employees. Our fee structure is solely based on the certification process and the time required to assess your company adequately. This transparent approach ensures fairness and clarity for our clients.

Simplified Assessment Process

We understand that some organizations already have robust systems in place, managed by experienced practitioners. In such cases, we streamline the assessment process, recognizing and simplifying where applicable.

Integrated Consultancy

Our assessment process includes valuable advice and consultancy. With our team of experienced assessors, we provide insights and recommendations to enhance your systems and processes, ensuring maximum value for our clients.

Focus on Client Benefit

With years of experience in assisting companies with UKAB accredited management systems, ISO assured aims to provide UKAB certification services that maximize client benefits. We are not constrained by external organizations, allowing us to offer a flexible and focused assessment process tailored to your organization’s needs.

Global Reach

Operating from our headquarters in the United Kingdom, we have established a network of overseas offices across three continents, spanning over 30 countries. This global presence enables us to serve clients worldwide with convenience and efficiency.


At International Certification Bureau (ICB), we simplify the journey to certification for your management systems. With our expert team, comprising highly skilled auditors and consultants, navigating the certification process becomes effortless. As a leading provider of certification, training, and support services, we have issued over 50,000 certificates to businesses across 90 countries worldwide.

Understanding ISO Certifications

ISO certifications signify a commitment to maintaining high-quality products and safe, productive working environments. From quality management to occupational health and safety standards, ISO certifications serve as vital benchmarks for businesses. Moreover, specialized industries like automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and food sectors have tailored certifications to meet specific industry requirements.

Certification Standards

The certification process for management systems follows a generic approach consistent with ISO management systems standards. Some of the standards adhering to this process, guided by Annex SL, include:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety
  • ISO 50001 – Energy Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security
  • ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management
  • And more

While minor differences exist for specific standards like AS9100 and IATF 16949, we provide detailed explanations during your application journey.

ISO Certification Process

ICB’s ISO certification process encompasses the following steps:


You begin by filling out an application form (known as a Quote Request Form at ICB) to provide us with insights into your company’s complexity and requirements. Based on this information, we define the scope of assessment and propose certification solutions tailored to your needs.


Upon agreement with the proposal, assessments are scheduled with an ICB Assessor. This stage comprises two mandatory visits forming the Initial Certification Audit. Your management system must be fully operational for at least three months and undergo a management review and full cycle of internal audits.

Initial Certification Audit — Stage 1

This assessment confirms your organization’s readiness for full assessment. It involves a documentation review at your management system center. The assessor verifies information submitted during the application, confirms compliance with standards, assesses the implementation status of your management system(s), and evaluates legal compliance.

Initial Certification Audit — Stage 2

This assessment ensures full compliance with the chosen standard(s) in practice. The assessor documents system compliance using objective evidence, conducts sample audits of defined processes and activities, and evaluates off-site activities if applicable. Any non-conformities or improvement opportunities are reported.


Following a successful two-stage audit, a certification decision is made. If positive, certification to the required standard is issued by ICB, along with hard and soft copies of the certificate.

Validity and Maintenance

Certification is valid for three years and maintained through annual surveillance audits and a three-yearly recertification audit. Surveillance audits ensure ongoing compliance with standards and encourage continual improvement.

Adaptability and Support

ICB understands that businesses evolve over time. We provide options to adapt your scope, standards, or management system to suit your changing requirements. Our collaborative partnership approach ensures certification aligns with your business goals.

Consultant Assistance

While ISO certification can be pursued independently, hiring an experienced consultant can streamline the process and address potential challenges. Consultants offer valuable insights and guidance to ensure certification success.

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Partner with ICB to streamline your certification journey and demonstrate your commitment to excellence. Reach out to us today, and our expert certification managers will guide you through the process with ease.



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