Energy and Utilities

Enhancing energy efficiency is now a top priority for businesses. Our solutions offer economic, social, and environmental benefits, aiding utilities with quality management and precise measurement processes.

Certifications Applicable

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | OHSAS 18001| ISO 50001:2018| CFV Carbon Footprint | ISO 20121| ISO 29001|

About the Energy Industry

The energy industry encompasses various activities from exploration to distribution. It includes both nonrenewable and renewable sectors, utilizing infrastructure networks like grids.

Nonrenewable Sector

  • Nuclear power
  • Heating oil
  • Gasoline
  • Petroleum
  • Diesel fuel

Renewable Sector

  • Onshore and offshore wind power
  • Wave and tidal power
  • Solar power
  • Ethanol

Challenges the Energy Industry Faces

The energy industry encounters several challenges due to economic, geopolitical, and environmental factors:

Economic Activity

  • Energy demand fluctuates with economic cycles.
  • Prices of energy commodities rise during economic expansion and fall during recessions.

Cost Reductions for Renewable Energy

  • Renewable energy offers cost-effective solutions, posing competition for nonrenewable sectors.


  • Political events affect the availability and cost of energy commodities.

Asset Management

  • Energy businesses require significant capital for fixed assets.

Weather Conditions

  • Severe weather and natural disasters disrupt operations and increase commodity prices.

Research and Development

  • Investment in research helps adapt to changing environmental policies.

Energy Industry ISO Certifications Supported by NQA

ISO 9001

  • Quality management systems standard for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

ISO 14001

  • Environmental management systems standard for sustainable practices.

ISO 50001

  • Energy management systems standard for optimizing energy efficiency.

ISO 45001

  • Occupational health and safety standard for ensuring workplace safety.

ISO 27001

  • Information security management standard for data confidentiality and legal compliance.

PAS 2060

  • Standard for carbon neutrality verification.

ISO 37001

  • Anti-bribery management standard to prevent bribery.

Benefits of ISO Certifications for the Energy Industry

ISO certifications offer numerous benefits including cost savings, sustainability, and continuous improvement.

Why Work with NQA for Energy Industry Standards?

NQA provides comprehensive services, continuous improvement opportunities, worldwide expert network, multiple training methods, and professional expertise.

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